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At ADEM'S CLAY we facilitate the creation of highly novel and technologically innovative production lines for both limited near-exact reproductions as well as custom-designed limited editions of one of a kind pottery and ceramics. The conception of these requires an in-depth understanding of the history of ancient and historic materials and technologies as well as the cutting-edge innovative techniques, modern materials analysis and engineering. This includes an in-depth understanding of the contemporary art of ceramics and pottery making that not only aspire to the levels of but is inspired by the latest field findings of ancient and historic techniques and materials, such "decagonal and quasicrystalline tilings in Medieval Islamic architecture" (Peter Lu, 2007 - 2011). The application of algebraic geometry in Greco-Roman as well as Medieval Islamic pottery and ceramics shows yet another motive.

One of the top research priorities at ADEM'S CLAY is conducting as well as supporting means that contribute to and facilitate academic or monographic programs on the history of pottery and ceramics. Concentrating on the historical and regional framework of the historic Silk-Road, that once spanned the ancient and archaeological trade routes and commercial centers from China, Central Asia and Mesopotamia to Transoxiana, Eurasia and Europe ADEM'S CLAY focuses in particular on documenting the technological and archaeological contexts, and the extent of the transfer of ceramic and pottery technologies from Tang China into the Islamic World and thereby to Europe through Hispano-Mauresque Spain and Post-Norman Italy. 

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